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Opportunities Continue to Grow in the Marijuana Industry

Marijuana Business News

There’s no doubt that the marijuana industry is gaining traction, with our own index trading up 85.73% so far this year. With increasing favorable government regulations, public companies like


Tripp Keber's Fast Company Interview: We've Probably Built the Largest MMJ Infused Products Manufacturer in the Country

Dixie Elixirs Managing DirectorFast Company Meets Dixie Elixir’s Tripp Keber

Tripp Keber, the managing director of the premier cannabis infused edible brand company Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, was recently given an innovation spotlight


Marijuana in Colorado & DUI Laws

Marijuana Legal PerspectiveHow it will affect how the Police will handle suspected DUI Marijuana Cases as reported by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Jeremy Rosenthal explores on how the passage of Amendment 64 has effected the new number of medical marijuana business applications in Colorado less than it was expected to and how it has created a number of new legal issues, such as how to measure impairment when it comes to DUI and marijuana use.


Colorado Preps for Recreational Marijuana

Colorado Cannabis IndustryDENVER, Colo. — Driving east on Interstate 70 through Denver’s warehouse district, the smell of the marijuana plants growing inside unmarked industrial buildings blasts through car air vents and overwhelms drivers who roll down their windows.


Rick Simpson: The Unsung Hero

Rick Simpson Opinion

This piece is dedicated to my hero, Rick Simpson. His story should be making headlines... and not just in alternative news. Major media won't cover him because that would put the pharmaceutical industry in jeopardy. They can't have people knowing who Rick Simpson is or what he has done. It would cause a revolution in the medical industry and pretty much put the pharmaceutical companies out on there butts.


Basic Hydroponics: From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to Modern Day

From the hanging gardens of Babylon to Modern Day

Growing is an art and should be treated as such.


The Future of Marijuana: United Patients Group Explains Potential Benefits of Rescheduling Medical Cannabis for Patients

The Future of Marijuana

In the most recent appeal to reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I substance to Schedule III, IV or V, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) are pushing the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to consider the numerous medical marijuana patients who struggle to receive proper care. Medical marijuana resource explains why rescheduling cannabis is important for these patients.


Newsweek Magazine Cover Spurs 'Green Rush' in Colorado for the Medical Marijuana Industry

NEWSWEEK: The New Pot Barons"The Pot Barons: Businessmen Bank on Marijuana" was the feature story of Newsweek magazine's October 22, 2012 issue after millions of viewers, across the country, watched the pot barons on 60 Minutes, the most-watched news show in America, according to the Kimble Group.


Precarious Progress in the Desert

Ryan Hurley

With so much focus on the disarray of Medical Cannabis in California right now I thought it would be both useful and inspirational to remind people that the country’s largest new Medical Cannabis market (Arizona) is progressing slowly but surely. 


Ground-breaking Marijuana Research Reveals How Memory Works

Glial cells, not neurons, are responsible for marijuana-induced forgetfulness

For the longest time, scientists believed that the neuron brain cells played the crucial role of controlling key mental functions and that cells surrounding the neurons, glia cells, simply functioned as neurons supporters “glue”.


FOCUS: Feds Crackdown on 'World's Largest' Medical Marijuana Dispensary In The Industry

Harborside Health CenterIt looks like the federal crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries in California isn't going to die down anytime soon.


The Pros & Cons of Investing in the Emerging Medical Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana Stocks The Medical Marijuana sector represents a new unique set of business opportunities and the financial investing world is beginning to take notice.

The financial world of traditional investing has for many years predicated a sound investment thesis on the idea that the safe, stable and established growth companies in the well known and conventional industries represent the best investments to achieve a high rate of return. As most of us have witnessed the market volatility over recent years in the stock market, it is no surprise to discover that


LED Grow Lights: Top 5 reasons to Grow Green with High Tech

The Raptor X3 line of LED grow lights are the only lights to offer modular power supplies in addition to the LED modules, seriously future-proofing your investment.Growing indoors is undoubtedly an art form, a balance to keep every limiting factor out of the equation while keeping your money in your wallet. That’s the balancing act growers are facing more and more these days with a plethora of high tech choices to choose from.