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LED Grow Lights: Top 5 reasons to Grow Green with High Tech

The Raptor X3 line of LED grow lights are the only lights to offer modular power supplies in addition to the LED modules, seriously future-proofing your investment.Growing indoors is undoubtedly an art form, a balance to keep every limiting factor out of the equation while keeping your money in your wallet. That’s the balancing act growers are facing more and more these days with a plethora of high tech choices to choose from.

It’'s easy to say which gear you would buy if money was no object, but reality usually dictates that one has to accept limiting factors and that means deciding where your money makes the most cents and returns the most dollars.

LED grow lights might be just what your garden is missing, and with that as our premise let's count down the top five reasons to use LED grow lights to grow green with high tech.

5) The Environment

Generally speaking indoor growers tend to care for the environment and have a respect for mother nature. LED grow lights are the most environmentally friendly lighting option in the marketplace today. High quality LED grow lights do not use mercury or toxic glues and don't require consumables (like replacement bulbs).

4) Cost of Ownership

The cost of owning an LED grow light often seems much more expensive than the traditional HPS or HID grow light and it is true for the “initial purchase” you would save a little money by buying an HPS grow light. Generally speaking a good high quality LED grow light should provide a full return on investment in about 18 to 24 months, sometimes less. In other words if you were to buy an HPS system today instead of an LED grow light, in 18 to 24 months you could have had your LED grow light for free just from the “extra money” you would have spent within the first two years of growing with the HPS light. That’s a serious return on investment.

3) Spectral Blending

Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Did you pick up a large rock and break out your drivers side window to get back in? Of course not, brute force is not necessarily the best option. Think of spectral blending as a lock pick, sometimes it takes just the right touch to make everything “click”. Sure, if you don't have a lock pick and can't find your spare keys you might have to use brute force, but you are going to have to spend more money as a result. Fortunately the LED industry has dialed in on your plants lighting needs and today’s high tech LED grow lights will absolutely unlock your plants potential. Remember, these are not the red and blue grow panels of yesteryear.

2) Heat

There are two types of heat you might be concerned with, the first is the thermal footprint your grow room creates, and the second is the potential legal “heat” that the thermal footprint may invite to your home or grow space. As most growers know, the federal government uses high tech heat sensing cameras to find and arrest Cannabis growers whether legal or not. LED grow lights beat the heat, period. Goodby expensive cooling fans, AC units and thermal footprints and hello LED grow lights. With all of the money saved on cooling and additional equipment consider making a donation to support Colorado Amendment 64 this year. Let's help Colorado lead this country out of prohibition.

1) Simplicity

Lets face it, life is too short and there is plenty of stress to go around. LED grow lights will take a great deal of the stress out of your grow. They offer simple setup and installation, simply hang it up and turn it on. LED grow lights also cost a lot less to run and most importantly are dialed in to your plants specific needs. Quality LED grow lights can run for 10 years or more, but be sure to consider build quality when making your purchase because in this industry you truly do get what you pay for.

Growing with LED grow lights will allow you to sleep better knowing you are growing green, both literally and figuratively.


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