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Newsweek Magazine Cover Spurs 'Green Rush' in Colorado for the Medical Marijuana Industry

NEWSWEEK: The New Pot Barons"The Pot Barons: Businessmen Bank on Marijuana" was the feature story of Newsweek magazine's October 22, 2012 issue after millions of viewers, across the country, watched the pot barons on 60 Minutes, the most-watched news show in America, according to the Kimble Group.

With 13 days to the Presidential Elections, mass media exposure could not have come at a better time. According to the article in Newsweek magazine, "If current polls hold, voters in Washington State and Colorado will vote to legalize marijuana..." Red Dice Holdings President and Managing Director of Dixie Elixirs, Tripp Keber presented their state-of-the art Dixie manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado. A state where regulated for-profit cannabis is flourishing amongst hundreds of thousands of consumers who have been given prescriptions by their M.D.s for the potent green plant.

Newsweek reminded its readers of the 40-year fight launched by boomers, one of which includes Bruce Perlowin (CEO of HEMP, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) who has been the driving force behind the industry, at a time when there were no public corporate structures. Bruce Perlowin, who, with the help of his friends singlehandedly created, and continues to boost, the public company sector in the hemp and marijuana industries. A sector which consists of, and what Perlowin dubs, The Fabulous Four medical marijuana and hemp stocks. The chart below illustrates the four top marijuana companies in the industry (Hemp, Inc.; GrowLife, Inc.; Medical Marijuana, Inc.; and Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc.) and their astounding growth last week... a growth curve Perlowin predicted. Since the chart has been released, potential investors now know where to invest. The watchful eye of investors seems to have latched on to the weekly Fabulous Four Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Chart. "The comparison chart clearly indicates where people from all over the world should be investing their money," states Perlowin.

Red Dice Holdings is the portfolio company of one of those Fabulous Four companies (Medical Marijuana, Inc.). The original founder of Medical Marijuana, Inc. was Bruce Perlowin, an innovative, savvy, aggressive entrepreneur and progressive advocate of the medical marijuana and hemp industries. He was, subsequently, the first leader promulgating a viable medical marijuana public company which has paved the way for other marijuana stock companies to follow.

According to Perlowin's son, Aubree Arias, CEO of Compassion Capitol, LLC, his father has, "made great strides in unifying and educating the public about the hemp industry. Before my father took Medical Marijuana, Inc. public, there were no publicly traded corporations in this arena. He had the courage to be a pioneer and risk bringing Medical Marijuana, Inc into the public equities market. Taking on the stigma associated with hemp has not been an easy road, but he has paved the way, and we are seeing the fruits of that with over a dozen publicly traded entities in this sector. Now we are poised to have Hemp, Inc. ( become the 'Amazon' of the hemp world, as we expect rapid growth in the industry."

Perlowin's own Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) is also one of the Fabulous Four and is the largest publicly-traded company of hemp stocks in the US by market capitalization with hemp-based products proven to increase the body's overall health and performance. The company boasts HerbaGenix™ nutraceuticals (; BasicHemp (, their hemp protein shakes brand; and, custom-branded MJ Lover for Him and MJ Lover for Her ( and Re-Load Hemp nutraceuticals ( which is derived from a blend of organic nutrients, herbs, and vitamins including hemp extract (0.00% THC) and AFA blue-green algae which is known for its healthful effects. So while educating and providing consumers on the many uses of industrial hemp, Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) is forging a path in the industrial hemp industry.

Now, especially in Colorado, self-described “social entrepreneurs” are emerging. The dawn of a Green Rush whereby businessmen and pot barons alike are expected to cash in on an industry that has finally crossed over to the mainstream. The industry seems to be unstoppable.

SOURCE The Kimble Group, LLC