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The Marijuana Debate: Changing Public And National Opinion

The Marijuana Debate

The 2014 California Cannabis Hemp Initiative aiming to decriminalize marijuana and hemp use, possession, cultivation, transportation, or distribution remains in effect and is just a small part of the national debate on legalization.

Earlier this month Portland, Maine followed in Washington and Colorado’s footsteps with its decision to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The rest of the nation seems conflicted with contrasting views. At the State of the Capitol in Pennsylvania, medical marijuana supporters rallied in support of pending legislation. In New Jersey, the state’s third dispensary began accepting patient registration. Los Angeles filed suit to block a Mar Vista dispensary from opening. The discrepancy is evident but the rapid change in opinion is still strong.

we are seeing a long-term increase in support for marijuana legalization

California based medical marijuana consulting business 3 Lids is a proponent for the 2014 Initiative. President, Eric Dena stated, “we are seeing a long-term increase in support for marijuana legalization. National opinion is changing due to the stigma of the drug transitioning from a negative stereotype to something that is potentially beneficial in the medical community.”

Public opinion is changing due to public safety, limiting access, severe enforcement, and guaranteeing that tax dollars are directed towards public good. These factors are appealing to women who in the past were less likely to vote for the legalization of marijuana.

Along with public opinion, the political debate has changed also. Dena believes, “politicians are focusing more on the important details regarding legalization, which will dramatically enhance the results of the initiative. Rather than a yes or no argument, proponents are asking more specific questions.”

Signatures for the 2014 California Legalization Initiative are due by February 24, 2014 in order to qualify for the November 2014 ballot.

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