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Rick Simpson: The Unsung Hero

Rick Simpson Opinion

This piece is dedicated to my hero, Rick Simpson. His story should be making headlines... and not just in alternative news. Major media won't cover him because that would put the pharmaceutical industry in jeopardy. They can't have people knowing who Rick Simpson is or what he has done. It would cause a revolution in the medical industry and pretty much put the pharmaceutical companies out on there butts.

So, let's get to WHO Rick Simpson is. He is a Canadian activist and a power engineer by trade. He is spearheading the rediscovery of the use of cannabis oil as the cure for cancer and many other diseases. 

Like many of us he has been personally affected by the death of a family member due to cancer. In 1972, his 25 year old cousin lost a particularly brutal battle to it. 3 years later he heard a report from the Medical School of Virginia about THC killing cancer cells. Rick didn't didn't give it much credence at the time and forgot about it for years.

In 1997, he suffered a severe head injury at work. 9 months later the doctors diagnosed him with Post Concussion Syndrome. He had constant ringing in the ears and his balance and blood pressure were all out of whack. 

In 1998, Rick watched an episode of "The Nature of Things" with Dr. David Sazuki about people using marijuana for medicinal purposes. After trying everything the doctors could throw at him and only making things worse, he tried smoking cannabis. Rick said it worked better than anything the doctors had given him. He asked his doctors for a prescription, but was disappointed when they wouldn't even consider it. 

In 1999, Rick asked his personal physician what he would think if he produced the essential oil  from marijuana and ingested it. His doctor did admit that it would be a more medicinal way to use marijuana, but still wouldn't give him a prescription.

In 2001, the medical system cut Rick loose. They said they had given him everything at their disposal and nothing was working. After 5 years of chemicals only making matters worse, he started taking cannabis oil. Rick dropped 25-30lbs and said at first he was afraid of the substance. He didn't know anything about it and didn't understand what was happening. His weight levelled off and his arthritis disappeared. 

In 2002, he discovered 3 spots on his skin; one by his eye, one on his cheek and one on his chest. He went to his doctor who told him it looked like skin cancer but wouldn't know for sure until he got the pathology report. 

In 2003, he had the spot next to his eye surgically removed. After the surgery, Rick sat down with a magnifying mirror to look at where they operated. He remembered the story from the 70's he saw about cannabis curing cancer. At that point he had already been taking the oil for about a year as his only form of medicine. Rick wondered, ' I'm already ingesting the THC, so why hasn't it cured my cancer?' He figured if there really was a cure for cancer the medical system would be using it. 

Film-maker Christain Lauriette made a documentary called "Run From the Cure", where Rick Simpson explains how to make the cannabis oil yourself...

He almost didn't try using the cannabis oil directly on the skin cancer. But, after inspecting it for a while he decided to try. He put a little bit of the oil on a bandage and stuck it straight to the 2 spots that hadn't been operated on. Rick said other than the slight pain the skin cancer caused disappearing right away, there were no other sensations. 

After 4 days he took the bandage off to discover there was nothing but pink skin left, the cancer was completely healed! He started telling people he thought he had cured his skin cancer with cannabis oil only to get the usual response of ridicule and disbelief (even though the cancer was visibly gone). 

About 7 weeks later the cancer the doctors had surgically removed came back. After watching it grow for a few days he decided to try the cannabis oil again. He put a little bit of the oil on a bandage and covered the spot for 4 days. 10 years later he's never had to retreat any of the skin cancer spots. 

After curing his own cancer with the cannabis oil he started offering it FOR FREE to other people, curing a number of diseases. Rick tried to present the evidence to the Royal Canadian Legion where he was told he could not talk about the medicine. He was arrested for drug trafficking even though he was giving it away for free. (Trafficking: the exchange of goods for monetary gain). They charged him with cultivation, possession  trafficking and seized everything he needed to make the medicine. 

Rick Simpson has dedicated his life to not only telling people his story, but to healing other people with the medicine he makes himself. Film-maker Christain Lauriette made a documentary called "Run From the Cure", where Rick Simpson explains how to make the cannabis oil yourself and it's available for free on YouTube. In my opinion, Rick Simpson deserves no less than a Nobel Peace Prize. /p>

Jane Smoker is a wife, mother, cannabis activist, freelance writer and co-founder of The Cannabis Nook. Raising Cannabis Awareness, The Cannabis Nook covers everything related to cannabis, News, culture, and the many different uses of hemp and cannabis as a cure for cancer and other diseases. 

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of THCbiz.
Image Credit: Rick Simpson Facebook