Witlon Inc.

Witlon Inc is an administrative services company with a focus on providing the back office fundamentals with a turnkey solution for the legal cannabis industry through payroll management, banking solutions, employee management and staffing, and compliance assessment.
Witlon’s objective is to help our clients operate and grow their businesses by providing custom financial solutions, programs to meet federal and state industry compliance requirements, and superior payroll administration and benefits. Witlon’s solutions are a path to laying the groundwork in creating the sustainable cannabis industry. Our experience managing W2 compliance processing, staff recruiting, construction services and industrial equipment procurement lay the foundation for your future success so you can grow your business.
Witlon offers a full service solution for our clients in order to serve the demands of the cannabis industry. Managing W2 compliance processing, staff recruiting, accounting, construction services, and industrial equipment procurement is an integral part of the growth of your business. Witlon will manage these administrative functions so you can concentrate on growing.

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