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GreenMelters is the Cannabis Industry GREEN Equipment Leader supplying Professional CBD Equipment specifically designed for all your melting, rapid boil distillation, & filling needs. We work together with Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp oil businesses to streamline their business processes so they can maximize their production and GROW their business. For years, we have had many happy Cannabis customers using our GREEN equipment to create CBD and Hemp oil edibles, gummies, tinctures, serums, pain relief salves, skin care, balms, and much more! Come see our revolutionary GREEN Primo Rapid Boiling tanks ideal for distillation, the world's FASTEST and most energy efficient! Our most popular equipment are the Complete PourXpress Systems (melt & pour) - PX3000, PX2000, PX4500! Since 1999, we provide only the best performing and finest crafted GREEN equipment ideal for maximizing your production while reducing your costs and time.

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