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Peak Supply Co

#1 Provider for Wholesale Terpenes, Vape Cartridges and Cannabis/hemp package/design.
Peak Supply Co has created the first All-In-One Solution providing top quality products and services under one roof simplifying your ordering process through efficiency, quick turn around times, unmatched cost, and unparalleled customer service. Peak Supply Co. delivers top-tier professional products and services while saving you money from concept to finished product. When companies choose to streamline their operation and reduce overall costs by switching over to our All-In-One solution the savings are undeniable in both time and money. Most companies are forced to source from 5 or more manufacturers just to get their packaging, design, and branding at an affordable price. A hemp or cannabis company may need, tincture bottles, jars, vape cartridges, terpenes, labels, boxes, insert cards, flyers, brochures and much much more which can quickly expand your vendor list which undoubtedly increases the amount of time needed to manage your inventory. With so many untested providers options to choose from combined with an extensive list of your company needs, it is easy to get wrapped into an extremely exhausting inventory checklist, which tends to lead to time-consuming headaches. Running a business has many built-in challenges, finding a solid manufacturer for packaging and design shouldn’t be one. Don’t risk spreading your company thin, let us handle all your design, packaging, and flavor needs so you can focus on what you do best, being the best.

Over 12 Years of Cannabis Industry Experience
B to B & B to C Wholesale & White Label Products-
Terpenes and Flavorings
Vape Cartridges
Cartridge Filling Supplies
Product Packaging & Design
Hemp Supply Accessories
Cannabis Supply Accessories
Vape Supply Accessories
Automated Manufacturing Machinery

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