The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is in the process of developing regulations that will allow qualifying patients with certain medical conditions to obtain and use medical marijuana.

Under the ballot measure approved by voters, DPH has until May 1, 2013 to issue regulations and DPH will not issue any registration cards or allow any medical marijuana dispensaries to open until the regulations are in effect.

The Department is partnering with a wide range of stakeholders in public safety, the medical community and municipal governments to develop the regulations and will learn from other states’ experiences to put a system in place that is right for Massachusetts.

During the time DPH is crafting its regulations, the ballot measure allows the written recommendation of a qualifying patient’s physician to act as a medical marijuana registration card. Similarly, the law allows a qualifying patient to cultivate their own limited supply of marijuana during this period.

Learn more about the DPH statement, FAQ, and the Medical Marijuana Statute on the official website for Medical Marijuana in Massachussetts.

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