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CDx Life Presents MyDx – The First Handheld Device to Instantly Test Cannabis Samples

Cannabis Testing Device

San Diego, CA. – CDx Life, a Science and Technology Company based in La Jolla, CA, has started taking pre-orders for MyDx - the world's first portable analyzer for everyone.

It's a lab in the palm of your hands. Using one device with interchangeable sensors, MyDx will empower consumers to test for pesticides in food, chemicals in water, toxins in air...and the safety and potency of their cannabis samples.

MyDx leverages technology developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), used by Nasa and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for other applications. Acting as an electronic nose, MyDx is engineered to detect molecules in vapor.

The analyzer itself has a user friendly interface designed to easily communicate with any iOS or Android smartphone. Once the app is downloaded and the device is synced, a very small sample can be placed in the sample chamber, which is then heated to release the chemicals of interest into the vapor phase for detection.

Over the course of the next 24 months, the MyDx team will be rolling out the 4 different sensors, the first of which is the Canna Sensor - programmed to test for the presence of the most important compounds of interest in Cannabis, including THC and CBD. Using the associated App, MyDx will allow patients to track how each marijuana strain is making them feel or helping them relieve, based on the chemical composition of the plant, not the way it looks, smells or sounds.

"What people are inhaling today is more or less a black box", said Daniel Yazbeck, one of the financial backers of the project. MyDx is a device that will improve consumer's health and empower an industry with the science it deserves to achieve true and practical quality control".

MyDx has launched a campaign on the popular crowdfunding website, with an initial goal of pre-selling at least 100 devices in order to predict future demand. Everyone who donates $199.00 or more will save $200 of the projected retail price of $399, and will be the first to help define and receive MyDx before it hits the broader market.

The CDx team has created a product that complements the use of medical marijuana in order to help people in need, such as cancer patients. Consumers can finally learn and understand exactly what and how much they are putting in their bodies.

About CDx
CDx, Inc. was founded on the mission of empowering people to live healthier lives by understanding the purity of everything they eat, drink, and inhale. While CDx plans to ship MyDx globally, the team has made a strategic decision not to offer the cannabis application to customers in states that have not legalized the adult possession and consumption of cannabis either medically or recreationally.

Visit the MyDx crowdfunding campaign here.