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Wikileaf Brings Price Comparison Shopping to the Legal Marijuana Industry

Marijuana Marketplace is aiming to be the Priceline of legal and medical pot in 2014.

They went live last week with their medical and legal marijuana marketplace in California, Colorado, Washington State and Oregon.

The marketplace is set up using a "reverse auction" format. In a normal auction one item goes up for sale with numerous bidders offering different dollar amounts. In the Wikileaf "reverse auction" you enter how much you're willing to spend and vendors (marijuana dispensaries) offer the most pot (in grams) for that dollar amount.

They have over 900 dispensaries competing in the market place with more being added each day.

The "special pricing" offered by participating dispensaries on generally comes about in the following ways:

The first is the "first time patient deal." "Dispensaries will almost always offer a first time patient a great deal, especially if the dispensary is new or aggressively seeking new customers," says Dan Nelson, founder of "Savvy shoppers in the industry are already bouncing around from shop to shop in search of first time patient offers and we exist to shine a light on these deals."

The second is excess inventory. "When dispensaries have a stash sitting around for longer than 10-14 days they are generally trying to liquidate this fast," states Dan Nelson, founder of "We've seen outrageously low clearance pricing from trusted dispensaries up and down the west coast, but they have had no real platform to funnel these deals to customers." "With the Wikileaf marketplace dispensaries can login at anytime and adjust their prices to reflect current inventory levels."

In the coming months Wikileaf will be adding new medical and legal marijuana markets to their site. In Washington state, Tacoma and Spokane will both be new marketplaces coming in March. And certain cities in Arizona, Michigan and Nevada will also be going live.