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Denver Based Cannabis Tech Startup CannaBuild Raises 225k to Enhance Customer Experience

Cannabuild Digital Budtending experience

CannaBuild is the first genuine, online budtending experience. Real time patient communication & inventory publishing with product reservation and on-demand pick up.

CannaBuild, a privately held Denver technology startup, has announced a seed fund round of $225K raised from investors through The ArcView Group. CannaBuild looks to enhance the customer experience in cannabis by building the first genuine, online budtending experience.

"Being a typical consumer in Colorado, I found it very frustrating to get basic questions answered in a timely, secure, or mobile fashion," says Zach Marburger, CEO and and co-founder of CannaBuild. "People are strapped for time, on the go, and often don't have 20 minutes to spend with a budtender in store, but still value the benefits the budtending experience provides."

The increase of dispensaries becoming adult-use facilities has spurred reoccurring reports of poor patient care, long wait times, and inadequate consumption compliance. CannaBuild's cloud based platform gives dispensary operations the ability to serve their customers from wherever, whenever on any device. App users will be able to initiate sessions (anonymously if desired) with budtenders based on specific questions related to symptoms and strains. Based on the advice given a user can reserve products for in-store pick up at their desired time. Sessions will be available via traditional chat, text, and video chat.

"Being able to deliver the budtending experience digitally really does more than provide increased convenience," Marburger elaborated. "Many people are much more comfortable in an anonymous or private setting when discussing their medical problems and needs related to cannabis, specifically first time users. Our app will provide a secure environment where users can get answers to their symptom and usage questions. We think increasing the honesty of this dialogue will bring the customer experience to another level."

CannaBuild envisions it's technology adding value beyond the cannabis industry, specifically in e-commerce and healthcare. "Evaluating products online is extremely time consuming and often doesn't answer the customer's specific question. People like to talk to people. Having your customers trolling pages of reviews to see if a particular product or service fits their needs isn't exactly a buying proposition." says Brandon Cook, VP of Design and CoFounder. "Our app will help bushinesses turn customer service inquiries into sales opportunities by connecting the customer with the resource that best fits their needs in real-time."

CannaBuild has built an impressive advisory team to help them navigate the cannabis industry and product development processes. Leading cannabis figures Ean Seeb & Denver Relief Consulting (Denver Relief, Chairman National Cannabis Industry Association) will serve as head industry advisors, while Chris Gilder, CEO of Meridian Kiosks will lend guidance in self-service software development.

"We're extremely excited about what we're building and believe it will add measurable value to the budtending experience," added Timothy Skaggs, CTO & CoFounder.

CannaBuild was voted by the ArcView Group selection committee to be a presenting company at their June 23 investors conference in Denver. CEO Zach Marburger will be presenting the company's technology and taking investment meetings.

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