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Federal Grand Jury Digs Into Mendocino Marijuana Growers
By Chris Roberts 

Maybe it's the helicopters flying overhead from April to November, or maybe it's their cash crop.


Victory for MMJ Dispensary: Landlord Cannot Evict Harborside Health Center

Harborside Health Center

Conflict of State vs. Federal Cannabis Laws Continues.... 
Day in Federal Court on December 20th


Medical Marijuana Advocates Urge Mendocino County Officials To Fight Federal Subpoena for Records

Board of Supervisors and County Counsel to hold closed-door meeting Tuesday after 9am public comment period

UKIAH, Calif. — The Mendocino Board of Supervisors and County Counsel Thomas Parker are scheduled to meet in a closed-door session Tuesday to discuss a pending federal subpoena for records held by the Sheriff's now-defunct medical marijuana cultivation program, County Code 9.31, in which registrants were allowed to grow collectively up to 99 plants and were sold zip ties for $25 per plant to show they were being cultivated in compliance with state law. Medical marijuana patient advocates are urging the county not to comply with the subpoena and attempt to quash it. A brief public comment period is scheduled for 9am Tuesday just prior to the closed-door session.


Hillary Clinton Not Convinced Legalization Is the Answer To the Drug War

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she did not believe that domestic drug legalization was the answer to the cartel violence devastating Central America. 


CBS Poll Has Support for Marijuana Legalization at All-Time High

Marijuana NewsCBS News poll released this week has support for marijuana legalization at an all-time high, with as many Americans now saying it should be legal as saying it should not. Some 47% of respondents said it should be legal, while another 47% were opposed.


Outrage at Potential Sentence for Montana Medical Marijuana Grower — Chris Williams is sitting in a private federal prison on the Montana prairie these days awaiting sentencing. If the federal government has its way, he won't be a free man again for three-quarters of a century, an effective life sentence for a middle-aged man like Williams.


Medical Marijuana Novices Learn to Be 'Bud Tenders'
By James Nash 

Since California first legalized marijuana for medical treatment of diseases such as cancer under a “compassionate use” law in 1996, the practice has spread to 17 other states. This month, Massachusetts became the latest, while Colorado and Washington went further, approving recreational use. There’s nothing but growth ahead, said Adam Bierman, MedMen's co- founder


Oregon 7-Year-Old Gets Medical Cannabis Oil to Combat Chemo

PORTLAND, Ore. — A seven-year-old girl suffering from leukemia is one of Oregon's youngest medical cannabis patients, reports Oregon Live


18 U.S. Congress Members Urge Feds to Respect State Marijuana Laws in Formal Letter

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a letter released Friday, 18 U.S. Congress members formally asked the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration not to enforce federal drug laws against marijuana use in Washington and Colorado. 


Washington's I-502 vs. Drug-free Workplace Policies

Seattle Times
By Jonathan Martin

Marijuana is legal in Washington on Dec. 6, but the new state law gives no protection from workplace drug policies. Many employers will continue to rely on tests showing marijuana use — even from weeks ago — rather than on-the-job impairment.


Uruguay's Marijuana Legalization Proposal Compared to Colorado & Washington

Cannabis Industry NewsOn Thursday, lawmakers in South American nation of Uruguay formally introduced to Congress a framework for regulating the production, sale and consumption of marijuana. Let's take a look at the proposal compared with the new laws approved by voters this month to legalize use of the marijuana in U.S. States Colorado and Washington.


Legalized Marijuana: The Hottest 'Green' Investment
By Kerry Blount 

The term “green” is rapidly becoming another over-used word to encompass a variety of companies and products that are trying to cash in on consumer’s desires to be more environmentally friendly. We have a president that is bent on betting taxpayer dollars on companies that produce anything categorized as green.