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UPDATED: The Vapor Room Will Stay Open Through July

Iconic Vapor Room San Francisco MMJSAN FRANCISCO — Located right off Haight street, the Vapor Room has been an icon of the San Francisco medical marijuana scene for the past nine years. Its walls are graced by fan art from grateful patients and supporters, however despite it's support San Francisco's US Attorney Melinda Haag is poised to close the cooperative.

Update: 6/19/2012 - Vapor room has posted on its Facebook page that it will be staying open through July.

“Hey Everyone! We've been facebook quiet for a bit (it can be a bit draining, ya dig?), but we wanted to let our facefolks know that we'll be staying open at the shop through July. So make sure you visit our wonderful Cooperative and enjoy our social lounge and services while you can. We're having a good time, as best we can under the circumstances and would love to see all your lovely faces and smiles soon!”

...Many patrons are concerned about the prospects of the dispensary and have been apprehensive regarding its imminent closure. There is so much concern about what will happen to the dispensary that even seemingly innocuous tweets or Facebook updates from the Vapor Room set off speculation regarding its imminent closing. For example, last Monday, the club updated its Facebook page and Twitter feed that they are shutting down for the day. The Vapor Room tweeted, "Hey Folks, we're taking the day off. Sorry for the inconvenience. Check back this week. We look forward to seeing you soon!"

The tweet quickly triggered speculation that the dispensary was the latest victim of the month-long marijuana crackdown led by the US Attorney's office. This concern was exemplified by one fan's inquiry on the Vapor Room's twitter page if the dispensary will remain open. He said that he thought that last Monday was the dispensary's last day in operation.

The Vapor Room has officially kept quiet on the issue of its continued operations, although a representative over the phone said that June 13 would be the tentative date the dispensary will close. Even though the storefront will be closing, the Vapor Room will still remain in operation by converting itself to a direct delivery business.