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How Safe is Street Marijuana vs Medical Marijuana

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A Michigan based laboratory has been doing regular marijuana testing and they tested out some street pot samples, which include some bought in Detroit , reports Gaylord Herald Times. Surprisingly, the results add up to the reasons why marijuana prohibition must be put into a halt. Since there was this recent Detroit “legalization” incident, patients from the city are now forced to buy marijuana from the streets.

However, this lab result is expected to turn the coin once more. Compared to the virtually pesticide-free cannabis that was sold from the government dispensaries, street marijuana contains dangerous amounts of pesticides. They also discovered that marijuana sold in black market usually comes with dirt and mold, not to mention more expensive.

For the public’s information, this is true not only in Michigan, but across the country. Black market cannabis dealers generally don’t care if their goods are laden with pesticides, mold, dirt, or additives. Compared to black market cannabis dealers, licensed dispensaries underwent seminars and trainings, and they get their supplies from government-regulated cultivators. Additionally, you are guaranteed with the potency if cannabis is bought from medical marijuana dispensaries.

Another thing is that if all states finally lifted marijuana prohibition, then regulation will be much better and security tighter. But if remains like this way, street dealers will be able to sell pot to teenagers; and mind you, street-bought weed is usually pesticide-loaded.

Anti-medical cannabis movements are claiming they set The War on Drugs to protect the citizens, especially kids. But if you think about it, unregulated cannabis market is much more dangerous than dispensaries that are supervised by the government.

If cannabis prohibition is lifted, medical marijuana demand will be available for a cheaper price, thus killing the black market. Doesn’t this make it less dangerous for the patients and much safer for our children? Thus the "The War on Drugs" can focus on serious drug crime related issues in across our nation.