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Dry Nutrients: 3-Step, Easy-to-use Growology System

The Growology family of products enables your plants to grow stronger and to be better able to resist pests and diseases

If you're a therapeutic cannabis grower trying to grow the best possible plants for your patients, you're faced with a dizzying array of products. Each claims to do something specific for your plants, but which ones do you actually need? Will this one work with that one? If you already used this, can you still use that? And even if you can use them all together, should you? It's confusing.

Doggett & Simpson have created the Growology System to provide medical marijuana growers with an easy-to-use family of products that give your plants the specific nutrients they need at each phase of their growing cycle. Three simple, cost-effective steps that provide exactly what your plants need, exactly when they need it. They take your dedication to therapeutic cannabis seriously, and they want to help you grow plants you will be proud to offer the people you care for.



The Growology line was developed to offer a superior product that's easy to use and that can produce excellent results when used properly. Collaborating with the Doggett Corporation, which has been manufacturing water-soluble fertilizers since the 1940s, Doggett & Simpson created water-soluble formulas that use the most sensible and agronomically viable combination of organic and non-organic ingredients to improve a grower's yield by bringing each plant to its realistic healthy maximum. Every ingredient they use has been thoroughly tested, has a long history of proven results, and is completely safe for therapeutic applications. Among these ingredients are mycorrhizae, an organic fungus that increases a plant's root mass and enhances its uptake of nutrients; magnesium for chlorophyll production and to facilitate photosynthesis; and both sulfated and chelated minor elements to provide your plants with the minerals they need to thrive. The Growology family of products enables your plants to grow stronger and to be better able to resist pests and diseases.

And Doggett & Simpson understand that a caregiver's plants have to be of the very highest quality and purity. In developing this product, they have given every consideration to the health and safety of the end user as well as to the needs of the grower.


Want to try a small run? Get the Growology System sample pack without spending a lot. Each pack contains all three steps - enough of Step 1 to mix with 5 gallons of soil (or other growing medium) and enough of Steps 2 and 3 to dissolve in 10 gallons of water each. And it's only $20 including shipping! Click here to get your sample pack.

Visit to order or to learn more about the Growology System.